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Ellen Once Again is one part vintage and two parts bubbly with a shot of Pop Soul mixed together to spread love through music.

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Ellen Hinton better known by her stage name Ellen Once Again is a singer/songwriter and musician from Texas. Her blend of soul, folk and pop vocals blend effortlessly to make a sound that is nostalgic yet innovative. With two EP projects under her belt, Ellen's work has been heard on shows such as ABC's Mistresses, Fox's Glee, ABC's Manhattan Love Story and more. Growing up in a musical family, Ellen has been a musician since the age of 12—playing the piano, singing in church and performing live."Ellen Once Again describes who I am," she says describing the meaning behind her stage name. "I feel like i've done a lot of things, but i've always come back to music because this is really who I am." True to her word, Ellen spends the majority of her time writing, performing, and teaching music. EllenOnceAgain has received praise from numerous tech bloggers for her transfusion of technology and music, and her creativity. She has also been featured in several music blogs and magazines, such as The Dallas Weekly, BackPocket Magazine, and American Songwriter. Ellen Once Again is a name fans will soon be repeating again and again.


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  • Videoshoot

    Shooting “I’m Feeling Lucky” with my talented peeps






  • New EP coming soon


    Such an honor to have such amazing musicians on my new EP.  Jeremy Lutito on Drums and Tony Lucido on Bass.  They’ve both played on some amazing records from Ingrid Michaelson, Kelly Clarkson and The Doobie Brothers.  So freakin excited!

  • Deep Ellum Recap

    Cool recap of the Deep Ellum Arts Festival last weekend by The Music Enthusiast

    pic2 pic1#‎Review‬ + Photo Gallery: The Deep Ellum Arts Festival concluded it’s three day run last week on Easter Sunday. Poppy Xander, Ashley Falgout,Puddin Taine, Zach Balch, Mr. Troll, Ellen Once Again, Marisella, TALL,Brave Combo, The Demigs, Five Times August, Moon Waves and 26 Locksall put on fantastic performances. Great way to end things!

    source: http://themusicenthusiast.tumblr.com/post/116359240360/sunday-april-5th-2015-the-2015-deep-ellum-arts

  • Pop and Indies


    Thanks for the love Pops and Indies



    The Texas Ellen Once Again features pop light and fun, but comgrande sound quality

    By Djenane Arraes

    There are times when we are faced with that deliciously pop sound and are surprised that it was not the radio who presented, or the highest rated vehicles. This song comes almost at random, out of nowhere, and you achieve with the same speed that appears. I do not know the reasons Ellen Hinton chose as artistic surname “Once Again”, but the premise is true: listen to good pop, radio and better quality than the champions atrocities downloads, streaming or whatever it is .Will it gives is the voice and the sound of Ellen again and again and again.

    The girl is American, born in Texas. Grew up in a family that music runs in his veins. “My mom sings, my father and sister play guitar. I remember singing with them. There was always pianos, guitars and instruments around the house. Since childhood I love music and I was always with her, “said Ellen. The sound in the house was the soul, but the girl Ellen loved watching musicals. Hence it is possible to understand how these influences converged in the production of easy to understand songs, but far from cheap and empty sounding: is pop, but it has soul.

    Ellen has a PE in their discography with three songs. The flagship is “I Do” (video), that song irresistibly upbeat and fun wedding, complete with there there wool, metals and keyboard solos. “Call the Doctor” is another little gem talking about kicking the tent pole. “I’m Feeling Lucky”, another assoviável song repertoire, names the EP Ellen, and so we have a winning set.

    But the repertoire is a little more extensive. There is available an hour, plus six songs for listening onthe official website . One is “Chasing Rainbows” in which Ellen approaches the good songs to appear in a musical – and resembles a small Parisian funky chicken. As there is not yet a full disk in the discography of this Texan, I wonder if this kind of work that involves a whole conception interests. “I believe in records,” he said. “I still have great records in my collection. I think the best records tell a story. I see the option for the EP and the single because these formats allow the music comes faster, and in my case, I think that each EP has its own personality. ”

    For now, Ellen works in the production of the video for “I’m Feeling Lucky”, but promises that soon a new EP will rotate around. You must wait for a few more pop gems.

  • Deep Ellum Love

    o dearts

    Met so many awesome people today! <3 <3



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