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Ellen Once Again is one part vintage and two parts bubbly with a shot of Pop Soul

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More often than not, it’s the simple things in life that make us happy. Long walks on the beach, waltzing through the rain on a warm afternoon, a cup of coffee in a quaint loft overseeing the big city. Here you’ll find moments of bliss, ones that leave their imprint for years to come and stay beneath our skin for a lifetime. But as with all things in nature, even the simplest of forms have layers of complexity. And singer-songwriter Ellen Once Again is about capturing that essence, and preserving the moment so it can be relived over and over. Based in Dallas, Ellen Hinton, better known by her stage name Ellen Once Again, was introduced to music in early childhood. “I grew up in a musical family,” she explains. “We sang at church, at home, in the car – so from a very young age I knew it was something that I wanted to do.” Different from most kids, Ellen preferred tinkering on the piano than playing outside, and soon developed a love for musicians like Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, and Nina Simone. “I was really introverted growing up. I discovered that writing songs helped me express myself and my feelings.” Over the years Ellen has established a reputation for her pop-driven melodies, lively vocal performance, and Lily Allen-esque flair. Soulful, bubbly and vintage at heart, she’s released three EPs, and her songs have been featured on hit television shows like Glee, Dance Moms, and Mistresses, along with others such as Manhattan Love Story and Hand of God. In 2015, her song"I'm Feeling Lucky" was used in a Hershey's Kisses Deluxe commercial, and her song "Chasing Rainbows" was featured in a Friskies TV spot. She’s also been written about and praised in numerous publications, including PopSugar, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, American Songwriter, as well as various tech blogs for her clever transposition of music and technology. Ellen’s latest single, “Another Chance To Live,” was released in the summer of 2015, and she has plans to enter the studio soon to begin work on new material. “I want people to be encouraged and inspired when they listen to me,” she says. “It’s about spreading love through music.”


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  • I’m making a video


    Hey guys,

    Would you like to be in a music Video? I’m making a new video for my song ‘Anything’ and I want lots of fun, unique, and amazing people to be in it!

    What you need to do : Send me a picture that represents love to you.  The higher quality the better. Someone you would do anything for (Spouse,Child,Boyfriend,Girlfriend,Parents). The quirker or cuter, the better! Send your best love pic to info[at]ellenonceagain.com as “Anything video” a Deadline is February 9th.

  • 5 Uplifting Tunes for A Bad Day

    So happy to be a part of this!  Let these songs cheer up your Monday!

    bad day

    Rest be assured, Ellen Once Again always have this very light, uplifting quality about her rich, soulful voice. Give it a go, and you will not be disappointed!

    Read More:


  • Dance Moms: Always a Bridesmaid: No Moms Allowed

    Yay! “I Do” was featured on Season 6 Episode 1 of Dance Moms during the live interview show. How cool and very awesome! Always a Bridesmaid is still my favorite dance too!!!

    Download your copy of I Do @ ellenonceagain.bandcamp.com or at your favorite digital retailer!
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  • Goodbye 2015


    2015 was an amazing year! My music was featured on several television shows and in a national commercial. I played some great shows and met lots of beautiful souls. But even more than that I lived to see another year, and got to celebrate my daughters 2 year old birthday. I’m so thankful for family, friends, and everyone who supports me and my music. When I start feeling down I think about all my blessings and that includes you. I am thankful for every memory made, every new friend, and I’m looking forward to 2016!

  • King of A&R Feature

    A big thanks to Kings of A&R Music for making me their buzz artist today. Such an honor! <3 <3


    Texas singer-songwriter Ellen Hinton who goes under the moniker Ellen Once Again is seeing success with songs placements. Ellen who was inspired by Whitney Houston & Bill Withers in her formative years has developed into a top tier indie pop songwriter.  Read more here:

    Source: http://kingsofar.com/2015/12/17/ellen-once-again-gets-lucky-with-song-placements/



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