Chick Pick with Ellen Once Again

I am sure you will remember a few months back when I introduced you to Susan Cattaneo and her song Girls Night Out, ok fine, click here for a refresher.  Well the folks from Ariel Publicity foolishly let me keep my password to their press site and I have found some great artists worth a listen.  It’s summer and my life is not my own, so I missed Chick Tunes Tuesday. Let’s all pretend I keep a real schedule and today is Chick Tunes Tuesday shall we?

Today I want to introduce you to my Chick Pick, an amazing gal named Ellen Hinton otherwise known as EllenOnceAgain.  Ellen has a beautiful voice which immediately pulled me in, but the ultra cool thing about Ellen is she has created many of her songs with the help of her iPad.  Take a look at her cover of Adele’s Rumour Has It to see her rocking her iPad.

Oh and this little beauty…


Here is one of her original songs from her album, Spreading the Love.  You can purchase her album on iTunes(

In addition to her website, you can find Ellen on Facebook(, Twitter( and YouTube(

I have to tell you I have a huge Music and Geek Crush on this gal – HUGE.  Go take a listen to Ellen Once Again, she’s the perfect sound for a summer afternoon.


Posted on July 13, 2011 by Coastal Chick


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