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Last week I had about possible alternative uses of the iPhone in relation to art and creativity . I introduced how the new features of iPad 2 have led to a restructuring mental users, making a sort of flourish and lateral thinking, somehow, honoring and justifying Apple that famous slogan, "Think Different". If from the onset of the XXI century web users have taken a more active role-have gone from being mere consumers to prosumers, insatiable, with the emergence of the tablet of Steve Jobs have strayed a bit from this place to be bidirectional increasingly recent content producers : the creators of new forms of literature, painting, singing and composing music, among many other disciplines. Then I leave a couple of cases iPad applied to artistic creativity.

"Chicken Skin"
"Chicken Skin" is a children's show for children between 4 and 8 years, but after watching the video, I confess it would seek an excuse to take my cousin. The adventures spanning a girl trying to understand the adult world and to interpret the language literally. The work blends ancient tradition of oral story and representation with iPad technology , ideal as it provides a feedback instant the actors as if they were alive and alert devices to the performance . On the other hand, this game gives you incredible power stage to achieving an effective visual and engaging public attention. Panicoescenico thank you very much for the link.

"Hello Goodbye"
No need to introduce this beautiful and well known Beatles song, this time, recorded using the Apple tablet . His interpreter, Ellen, Ellen Once Again, note that recorded 8 channels for the song using Garageband only iPad, and then took this crude Garageband '11 for mixing and final export. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the video clip was recorded with an iPhone (not specified whether it was an iPhone 3G or 4) with the application of Nexvio 8mm Vintage Camera, which early on were recommended Dani .

Days ago, José illustrated to the new generations and awakened in me a thought: today's children-the future-should not be thought, challenged, and educated as digital natives , must be understood as new social characters who see the new technologies as extensions of his body and, arguably, should respond as if it were a dialogue. I think the addition of a play iPad is a mandatory step, at least experimentation necessary but, at first I hated thinking about it a bit (probably due to the classical precepts that charge). Now I knew, "goose bumps" this prejudice was shot down and I feel that any work that seeks attention, participation and interactivity of the public, you should use iPad or a related technical device.

On the other hand, if I Elle is new, is one among many, but recognize that suggests a fundamental element that usually take for granted: there is a democratization of technology, ease of access that allows anyone to record songs or short films at a reasonable cost from the comfort of home . Years ago we speak of "household surveys", the possibility of creating elaborate productions from home. Today, thanks to Apple, we can speak of "mobile studios".

Take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback from last week. Those who feel the urge, can comment below and, if you know some alternative and creative as the iPad that awakens curiosity, let me not get stop.

I will do everything possible to have a voice here and a space for expression.

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