It's hard to believe that the iPad is less than 9 months old. This time last year everyone had an opinion about the what Apple's tablet computer might be, how it might look, even what operating system it might run, OS X or iPhone OS, as it was then called. Fortunately Apple made a very smart move and based the iPad on the ever maturing iOS with its legion of super talented developers, the popular App Store and powerful multi-touch goodness.

The result was something special, a computer for the rest us, if ever there was one. A computer for people who are more interested in making and doing than tinkering, rebuilding and rebooting.

During 2011 the iPad Creative team will continue to highlight the creative talent of iPad users from around the globe. Today we would like to bring your attention to Ellen Hinton, 'a bubbly and creative singer, songwriter/musician from Texas.' Ellen has been busy during the end of 2010 creating the cheerful tune shown in the video above.

With the exception of the vocals and the final audio mix, all instruments where created using iPad applications. Here's a breakdown of the apps used:

Pianist Pro for Piano, Bass, Organ and Electric Piano
NanoStudio for Electric Piano, Drums
Percussions for Egg Shakers
BeBot for Ooh-lead
Cubase for Mac OS X was used for the final mix and an iPhone 4 running ProCamera was used for shooting the video.

The song is a mashup (2 songs mixed) of Hey Soul Sister by Train and New Soul by Yael Naim. We love what Ellen has created using her iPad and can't wait to see what she does next. Please keep in touch!

2011 is going to be quite a year for iPad users. To continue the conversation check out this post entitled, 'iPad in 2011 – Where Are We Headed?'.