Good day!  Came home from work, wrote a song, worked on music etc.  Checked the video to find a lot more comments and some questions, yay.  I want to answer all of them! First, I want to thank all of the writers who posted me on their site and took the time to give me an article.  

I posted as many as i could find on the "news section." The concept of the video was simply to record a song while at home with the family away from the studio.  My hubby Andy is addicted to apps, and I was about to get him "help", but he drew me in.  He knows that I have this weakness for music equipment along with retro stuff.  He slowly started introducing me to music apps for the iPad (gift from him) and the iPhone  (previous gift from him).  I immediately fell in love with Bebot and started working on an arrangement to blend two great songs together. I did the arrangement, vocals, and quirky stuff as shown. He did the video and mixing.  He's great with that.  Then, you have the video- a mixture of apps, laughs, and a couple of late nights…….enjoy