These late nights are catching up with me.  I am constantly in a dazed state due to lack of sleep, but it's so worth it.  I love working on music.  I just posted my first video a week ago and got almost 15k views which is crazy compared to what I had last week…  I am excited to be recording another video very soon.  I have this fun crazy idea that's, all over the place now but it should be cool when it comes together. 

I'm glad that I decided to post the video and make it public.  I almost let the fear-monster get in the way, but I felt like I should just do it.  So hopefully these ramblings can inspire you like some of your blogs, comments, kind words have inspired me.  If you have a passion/dream, go for it.  In the words of Tony Little or from the movie, The Waterboy (whichever you remember best), You Can Do It!