Hey guys, I have had such an awesome day, but it is bitter sweet.  Let's start with the good part.  My YouTube Mashup of Soul Sister and New Soul has gotten a lot of love online. I'm ecstatic because it was only to show my family and friends, and anybody listening ūüôā what I've been doing with the music.  I have been dancing and smiling all day.

 So if you've checked out "the mashup" or posted a comment, thank you so much.  Now here comes the bittersweet.  I officially go back to work full-time tomorrow:(. My job is not so bad, but it kinda takes me away from doing the music I love. For instance, I am so excited about the video that I just want to stay up all night and create more or just write a song (sigh).  Oh well, I made a New Years Resolution and I intend to stick to it by any means necessary. Till next time……. #fortheloveofmusic