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Since we spoke earlier about the Once Again Ellen and she is always making great videos with music for iOS apps, nothing better than knowing what her favorite titles for the iPhone and music on the iPad. I asked Ellen to send us her current favorites. Check the annotated list.

Ellen: There are so many great apps for the musical iOS it hard to choose. My favorites are constantly changing as new titles are created and released.
Currently, my top 5 are:

1 – GarageBand , is an all-in-one for recording. I have all the sounds (piano, organ, percussion, strings, etc.) I need to create the idea of a song.

2 – Bebot : He's just cool and sounds professional enough to be in a song.

3 – Pianist Pro : I am a pianist at heart and this app has a great piano sound.

4 – Prochords : I discovered this recently and has been a great help to find chord progressions when I want to create ideas for new songs.

5 – ThumbJam : I played a new song with this app. I would love to test it on stage.

Thanks to Ellen for participating once again here in MusicApps!

Link: http://musicapps.com.br/2011/06/top-5-ellen-once-again/#axzz1QbMkJTSn