Guess what! I made an EP, “I’m Feeling Lucky!! Ok, so many of you already knew that, but I can’t help to be excited about it.  You can find it at your favorite online music store! (iTunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp, Amazon and many other fine locations…) This EP is so personal and describes where I am in my life right now!!

First off, I worked with some amazing producers, Josh Goode, Bradley Prakope & Madukwu Chinwah on the album. They were able to make my ideas and concepts 10 times better. Then we got this kick butt horn section that just blew everyone away!

Next came pictures and album covers. I had a lot of pictures and cool ideas to choose from but the image we chose really brought how I was feeling home. This is not a sad blog, but I would be lying if I told you only the good. This past year I had several opportunities that just fell through. I was a finalist in this songwriting competition, but wasn’t selected. Then one of my songs from my first album was selected for a movie, but the scene was cut. Not to mention my dearest friends who were telling that I needed to either dress sexier or “take it to church”. But I don’t fit those categories. That’s not how I choose to express myself. And, the list goes on!

Unfortunately, all those things are still apart of the rollercoaster ride that is chasing your dreams. So my cd cover for, “I’m Feeling Lucky” is me in the “proverbial” claw crane vending machine. Just when you think things are going your way you get dropped again. I’ve adopted a more paranoid optimism. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I am not giving up.

I chose three songs for this EP. This is their story.

I Do was written for a popular soap opera that needed a song for a wedding scene. The supervisor loved the song but the writers wanted to go with something more traditional. I admit, I still love this song even if they wanted “Here Comes The Bride.”

I’m Feeling Lucky was written while playing with the Les Paul Google Doodle guitar on Google. Then I saw this Google Doodle contest online! In about 3 hours, I wrote I’m Feeling Lucky, recorded it ( messy hair and all), and entered before the midnight deadline. I’m Feeling Lucky won!!!

Call The Doctor was written when I left my full time job of being a teacher to pursue my dreams of being an artist. Yes I do still teach! I have talented piano students and do side jobs here and there! Leaving it behind and chasing my dreams- still worth it!!

Anyway, I absolutely love these songs! I know you will too!! I’m starting to feel Lucky again!! Have a good day, take your vitamins and stay healthy! Stay tuned for more blogging and music!!