My song Unbreakable is in Netflix’s Falling In Love, movie starring Christina Milian and Adam Demos! I thought I’d share a clip with you! Be sure to check out this perfect date night movie.  Produced by Josh Goode, Mixed by Bradley Prakope on Spotify, Apple Music or your favorite digital retailer.

Lots of love today ❤️

Didn’t think I’d make the light
Didn’t think I’d ever shine so bright
You tried to break my bones
But I survived the sticks and stones

We all know who they are
They never get too far

And I won’t let nobody bring me down
Nobody steal my smile
Nobody turn me round
And I won’t let no one get in my way
Their words won’t make me break
Cause baby I’m here to stay

Unbreakable, Unbeatable, Unstoppable…

Yes you are. 😉