Survivor played on CW All American

I was so happy to hear my song Survivor played on CW’s All American. This song really spoke to me during the pandemic. I hope it encourages you as well.


I walked through fire and the rain
I felt the heartache and the pain
I’m not afraid to face the dark
Although I’m small
I got a lot of heart
This time
I won’t let doubt stop me
I won’t let shame hold me down
I gonna stand up taller

I’m a fighter
I’m a fighter

I will survive

My words can make a mountain move
And disappear from view
There’s a light inside my eyes
I’m not giving up,
I’m gonna rise
This time
My head is held up higher
I’m gonna tear down every wall
I’m gonna shout it louder

So watch me burn through the shadows
As bright as the sun
I gonna roar like thunder
I’ve only just begun