Most Duetted Artists

TikTok Year in Review

Wow! Now this was totally unexpected. I started doing duets and harmonies because I love sharing music.  As an artist, musician, worship leader, and music teacher, this feels like second nature. I guess the moral of this story is, do what you love. Your gift will make room for you.

Power of Two: Most DUETTED Artists

TikTok’s Duet feature allows creators to respond to one another and build upon each other’s creativity, with results that range from unexpected to funny to artful. Artists and musicians on TIkTok are the perfect subject for the Duet feature, offering fans the opportunity to play along with their song, harmonize with their vocals, or just react to their antics. John Mayer channels his inner music teacher, laying down a six-string groove for fans to jam over or working through the music theory behind his hits, so fans can cover them more easily. Country superstar Tim McGraw used TikTok to encourage creators to harmonize on covers of some of his favorite songs. Platinum-selling producer Kato (@katoproducer) specializes in creating instrumental beats for aspiring rappers to spit over–one of his beats eventually became Reyanna Maria’s breakthrough hit “So Pretty.” Unofficial Bridgerton Musical co-creator Abigail Barlow taps into TheaterTok, recording instrumentals with lyrics as text on screen so aspiring Broadway performers can show off their vocals, while pianist @ellenonceagain offers a similar service for aspiring pop divas. 🙌🏾❤️🙏🏾