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Wanna Be Me

Hey Guys! I want to share my song with you! Wanna Be Me This song is about self identity and coming into your own freedom. It’s dedicated to anyone who has every been told to play it safe and live inside the box. So let's break all the rules and we'll do our own thing!

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Downtown Sessions McCall Plaza (Plano, Texas)

Hey guys! If you are in the area and want to hear some of my groovy tunes as well as some of my new songs, please swing by and say hello! McCall Plaza - April 26th @ 8:00pm For more information visit: https://plano.gov/2746/McCall-Plaza

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Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2019 April 5-7

Hey guys! If you are in the area and want to hear some of my groovy tunes as well as some of my new songs, please swing by and say hello! Time: 12:00-12:40 pm on Saturday, April 6th on the Deep Ellum Radio Artist’s Court stage. For more information visit: http://deepellumartsfestival.com/  

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Summer Songs – North Richland Hills

Celebrate NRH's newest park with Summer Songs at the Song Space Amphitheater, 9000 Grand Avenue, across from Stormy Plaza Park, in front of the Dolce Living Main Building. Bring your lawn chairs and favorite beverage and come enjoy free, outdoor and informal live music performances at 7 p.m. on Thursdays in June. Relax and enjoy a 45 minute informal music

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I Do (Revisited) feat. Russ Hewitt

We've had several requests to do a slower version of this song, so I figured we would jazz it up with some Bossa Nova vibes. I hope you enjoy this version. Thank you for your support of the original. If you are enjoying the music, please share/like/follow on your favorite social media platform. I Do

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I have so many high hopes for 2018. So I wrote a song about optimism and seeing the world differently. If you're feeling what we're doing, please subscribe and follow us on your favorite digital outlet....


To The Bone Soundtrack (Netflix)

So happy that my song I'm Feeing Lucky was placed in the movie To The Bone, added to their IMDB and placed on the soundtrack. These last couple of weeks have been hectic for me but this just inspires me to keep being optimistic and chasing my dreams. I hope you keep chasing yours too

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Ellen Once Again Live 7/29

I'm so excited to perform at The Regal Room hosted by The Independent Bar & Kitchen this upcoming Saturday. If you're in the DFW area, come hang with us! July 29th 7-10pm

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KNON 89.3 Tuesday Morning Blend

Shoutout to The Tuesday Morning Blend @ 89.3 KNON for having me on the show and always showing so much love. I love them ❤❤️❤️. Here's a sneak peak! If you want to see the entire interview, check it out: Facebook.com/tmb893

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I’m Feeling Lucky Renewed

How I felt when I heard the Hershey's Deluxe commercial again this year featuring I'm Feeling Lucky

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